I've never been good at explaining myself.

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thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop


thank god

Give Up
Fka Twigs


fka twigs "give up" 
(lp1, out august 11)

just nod your head and get up 
i’m not gonna let you give up


this is my faviorite king of the hill joke and it’s only 5 seconds long and king of the hill isn’t on netflix anymore and it’s not free on amazon prime anymore either, so i had to rely on a dubbed anime website to find it 


one time my friend was here and she wanted to hold sebastian and so i let her. this is the first thing he did. where is he going? no one will ever know…..


FKA Twigs for Crack Magazine

Shot by Mari Sarai